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Congratulation on finding a nice shortcut between Japanese culture and American fans!

Located in the USA, Kashima is constantly striving to provide American fans like you the most authentic shopping experiences, our goal is to let you feel you’re indeed in Japan, or more accurately, the Kashima City.

Lead by a team of decade-old fan of Japanese culture, Kashima is here ready to build the dream goods for you! If you happen to see us in conventions, don’t forget to say hello to our kanban musume – Yuki Chan!



Lingchen Fan
Lingchen Fan

Graduated from University of California, Berkeley, Lingchen Fan accepted an offer from a small electronic company to learn necessary experience of running a business and entrepreneurship. Being third-in-command, he is in charge of operation, logistics, accounting, quality control, R&D, etc., which gave him a great depth of insight in how small business operates and flourishes in a competitive market. Holding a N2 certificate in Japanese, Lingchen is also responsible for communicating with creators in Japan to bring new and exciting contents to United States.

Lingchen is interested in cutting edge technology such as AR/VR, 3D printing, autonomous/robot, etc., and would like to see these applied in his line of products and services.

Lingchen founded Kashima LLC in 2016, with enthusiasm for a fan and customer of over a decade, and an effort to provide better product and service to fans like himself across United States, holding a vision of integrating better technology and material into this sector and promote its presence to greater audience of American people.

Jesse Zhang
Jesse Zhang

Jesse graduated from the University of Houston in 2013 and started his career as a Web Application Developer for a company that pioneers in the retail telecommunication industry, where he completed various projects that greatly facilitated the company’s internal workflow and external communication efficiency with some of the largest cable & TV providers in the nation including Comcast, AT&T, CenturyLink and Time Warner.

He now works as a Web Developer/Administrator, Database Programmer, and Software Developer. Assuming duties in a wide range of IT titles gave him comprehensive knowledge and experience of a broad scope of platforms and technologies, he is especially proficient when working with Microsoft’s products and services.

Besides that, Jesse is a Veteran who served in the U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers. His leadership, understanding of teamwork, personal courage, sense of duty and honor would definitely bring some of the best experiences to the customers.

Tian Niu
Tian Niu

Tian Niu is currently pursuing his degree in geography in California State University of Fullerton.

Tian is Kashima’s executive who takes care of company public presence on internet and customer relationship management. He gained experience from serving as Public Relationship VP of the Chinese Student and Scholars Association of California State University of Fullerton, in addition to various leadership roles in event’s PR, which in all granted him a firm background in marketing and promotional skills.

In his leisure time, Tian likes to put on his pack and ventures to the wild nature. He sometimes works as a volunteer guide for his friends to show and share the same vision that amazed him.

Now, he is ready to bring his vision of Japanese culture into our customers’ eyes.

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