Sailor Moon Manga Editor and Manager Fumio ‘Osabu’ Osano coming to Anime Matsuri 2017

By  February 8, 2017

Fumio Osano, nicknamed Osabu and Osa-P by Sailor Moon Creator Naoko Takeuchi, is a manga editor who works for Kodansha LTD. He is best-known for being the first editor and manager of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga.

He is a graduate of Tsukuba University and has been involved in the manga industry for over 20 years. He originally began working at Kodansha in their Nakayosi division.

He is joining the Sailor Moon celebration at Anime Matsuri, for the first time. He will host a special Sailor Moon panel for the fans called ‘The World of Sailor Moon’. This is very special so do not miss it! Panel is Friday at 7pm in Panel Room 1 (Ballroom A)

Follow him on Twitter @osabu8