Meet Member Relations & Accessibility Services!

As we get bigger and number of members grow, we at Anime Boston really felt the need to make sure that we are giving all of you, our members, the best experience possible. To help achieve this goal, we have created a brand-new department under our Operations Division called Member Relations. This department will be dedicated to providing services that are meant to help our members get the most out of Anime Boston. Under Member Relations you will find our Information Desk and our new Accessibility Services Team. 

As it always has, the Information Desk will continue to be a place that you can go to get all of your questions answered about the convention and its events. There are now four Information Desks located in both the Hynes and the Sheraton. At each desk you will find a few of Anime Boston’s friendly Information Desk Staff members waiting and ready to help. The desks can be found at the following locations:

  • Hynes 2nd floor to the right at the top of the escalators.
  • Hynes 3rd floor to the left at the top of the escalators.
  • Sheraton 2nd floor outside of the Republic Ballroom.
  • Sheraton 3rd floor at the top of the stairs.

Hours for each desk can be found on our website and in all of our printed material. Please don't hesitate to seek them out if you have any questions during Anime Boston. 

New for Anime Boston 2017 and forward, we have added an Accessibility Services Team under Member Relations. This team is made up of our knowledgeable Accessibility Specialists. Each of these Specialists is trained to understand Anime Boston’s Accessibility Policies as well as the ADA, American’s with Disabilities Act, in order to help our members with Accessibility needs due to an injury or disability during the convention. 

They will be on hand to answer questions and, going forward, will be in charge of giving out the Accessibility Stickers. These stickers can be obtained at the Accessibility Services booth, located in Registration. These stickers are given to any person who might require additional accommodations as a result of a disability or injury. 

Accessibility Services would also like to make sure our members are aware that Anime Boston allows Service Animals under Massachusetts state law. Under federal and state law, a Service Animal is defined as dogs that are “individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.” This includes psychiatric service dogs that are trained to recognize and respond to symptoms of psychiatric disabilities. Emotional Support Animals outside of those previously stated are not recognized under federal or state law as Service Animals. 

The Accessibility Team can be found at the Accessibility Services booth within Registration in the Sheraton’s Back Bay Ballroom and during peak hours at the Information Desk on the Hynes 2nd floor. If you or anyone you are with finds themselves in a situation where their Accessibility needs are not being met please don’t hesitate to ask any Anime Boston staff member to call an Accessibility Specialist to assist. To learn more about Anime Boston’s Accessibility Policies please review our Convention Policies here.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or